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סדנת אמנות מצפה רמון

Creating in the Desert

DesArt, opened in Mitzpe Ramon in early December 2018, is a new and unique creative art space composed of three separate work-spaces for local visual artists and artisans and one central gallery for display of changing exhibitions of local and outside artists. In addition, DesArt serves as a host for intimate cultural encounters and cultural events and is very open to cooperation initiatives.

DesArt has a pleasant inner patio perfect for hosting meetings, lectures, events and outdoor exhibitions.

Apparently "desart" is an 18th century spelling form that is no longer in use for the English word "desert". Today, we are making a new use of this word, regenerating it with a fresh spirit and a colorful meaning as a creative art space in the desert...


Accompaniment and artistic advice for the venture was done by Tali Tamir.

סדנת הדפס שמש
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